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i want a brother/sister
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I am one and only child to my parents.
All my life i wanted to have a brother or a sister.
Now it is possible ! 
At this site we will find everybody his/her brother/sister.   

  My plan for every one  is to make place in this web site . Every one child in this world will have here his/her details in order for every one interested to choose  a  new brother/sister !
  So please, write about yourself as much as possible,and send also pictures.

Here you'll tell all about yourself: your interests and hobbies, the people in your family, your pets, and more. You may include a list of your favorite links to other sites.

On this home page, You"ll introduce yourself and talk about your reasons for wanting a web brother/sister. You might put a picture of yourself on this page...or just  pictures that you especially like.

People shouting at the world over megaphones; Size=240 pixels wide

What we have here ?
We have already a FORUM , where you can post messages telling us about yourself , your life being the one and only child...
We have already a CHAT ROOM, waiting for you to meet one another , and find  the brother or/and the sister you never had...hoping the chat room will be active 24/7 hours always !

Please get in touch with any comments or thoughts to my site.It is new and we need your feedback  

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