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Help Request


i am a good person.

i need someone to help .i have to leave my country . i want a place a house or an appartment , i prefer in New York , and money to live there in good situation at least 1 1/2 years me and my family.

i have debt of about 20000#

i have not lived a very good life in the last years. i suffered a lot .

i repeat : i think myself a good person.

i know there are people here in this world that have much money.i know if i was them i sure wanted to help.the problem is they don't find someone that is worth helping.i know i am worth helping.

i don't want here to write all the details about me and my troubles.

i am sure there are many people who love to give . want to help.

i don't take drogs. i don't gamble.i don't drink.i didn't make bankropsy.i'm not starving to death.i'm not homeless.

i am a person who didn't have much ,but i lived as good as i could with what i had.the problem is that ,now i don't have what i had before, and for the last years i suffer because of this

please help me.i prefer the house will be in NY but if there is another place in another country , in a big city , that's OK too.


i hope and i pray that publishing this webpage  will do the miracle that we need so much .

if you read and you are not able to help , please send this page to somebody else .

if you are looking for someone to help, i am surely the right person.

are you able to help me? if yes, write me a message , and  do it soon , please !

email to me

ICQ no.166163295 samlev

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